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Volunteer at Our Place

Our Place Community of Hope volunteers come from all walks of life: students, professionals, young and old. Each volunteer is unique - each comes equipped with unique talents to offer in service to those who need them. Volunteer manuals are made available to every new volunteer on or before their first day volunteering at Our Place.

Generally, Our Place has five categories of volunteers: 

Program Volunteer
Program volunteers interact directly with program participants in informal ways or can offer to lead a weekly activity.  Program hours are 2-8:15 PM Tuesday-Saturday.  Volunteers can join for a few hours - or for a whole day.

Required language: English  Minimum age: 15  Accessibility: Not accessible, small number of stairs

Receiving Donation Deliveries
We receive a weekly donation of food from Second Harvest that needs to be moved from their truck into the Centre, sorted under the direction of our Cook and rotated into existing stocks in fridges, freezers and store room. Assist receiving deliveries of food and clothing donations from Second Harvest and Windfall. Under the direction of our Cook, food in pantry, fridges and freezers needs to be rotated and replaced with newer donations.  Food expiry dates need to be checked and outdated food disposed of. We also receive clothing donations every other month that also needs to be received, sorted and stored. Monthly new clothing donations need to be sorted and displayed - to be made available to program participants.

Required language: English  Minimum age: 16  Minimum hours per week: Flexible; weekly Tuesdays approximately at noon  Accessibility: Not accessible, small number of stairs

Tasks required:

  • Carrying and lifting

  • Walking and standing

  • Verbal communication

Transportation: Close to several TTC bus routes

Kitchen Help/ Food Service
Program hours are 2-8:15 PM Tuesday-Saturday.  Full dinners are served Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  Soup, snacks and coffee are available during all program hours. Food Services volunteers assist our Cook in the kitchen.   The majority of the work involves clearing counters, washing dishes and removing garbage and recycling.  Food leftovers need to be wrapped and stored safely.  Coffee thermoses and soup pot need to be brought in and cleaned.  Floor swept, tables wiped and hang out towels and clothes to dry.  Volunteers need to commit to one day per week, 3:00-8:00 PM consistently.

Required language: English  Minimum age: 15  Minimum hours per week: 5 hours. 3pm to 8pm one day per week  Accessibility: Not accessible, small number of stairs

Student Placements
Program hours are 2-8:15 PM Tuesday-Saturday.  Volunteers must commit to a regular shift every week - minimum 4-5 hours. Our Place frequently has students from colleges and universities completing their practicum placement hours with us.  Social Services Workers, Pharmacology, Social Workers, Mental Health Workers and other similar programs are all suitable. Students help facilitate program activities such as discussion groups, bingo, karaoke, yoga sessions, art classes, tournaments and movie night.  Students will also engage clients, help mediate conflicts, provide informal counselling and provide referrals to resources in the community.  Students will serve as a part of the staff team, completing all regular communications, such as the daily log, client files, attend debrief and staff meetings, record program statistics and complete other administrative tasks.

Required language: English  Minimum age: 18  Minimum hours per week: Minimum weekly commitment  Accessibility: Not accessible, small number of stairs

How to Apply/ Contact 
Volunteer applications are completed during an informal interview.  Call for an appointment. A criminal reference check and resume will also be required. 

David Collins
Executive Director
Phone: 416-598-2919
Email us

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