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Your donation to Our Place makes a difference

Click here to make an online doation.

Income from donations is used directly towards programming. Your donation allows Our Place to constantly improve the programs that are offered in a way that is responsive to the changing needs of its membership.  Your donations could support the following essential elements to the work of Our Place:
  • $1/week = $52 annually provides two months of birthday cards and cake for all our program participants
  • $2/week = $104 annually provides a month’s worth of supplies for our art therapy program
  • $5/week = $260 annually provides one month honorariums to support program participants who work in the program on a weekly basis
  • $10/week = $520 annually provides cost to charter a bus to take our participants out of the city for a day trip
  • $15/week = $780 annually provides one month of food purchases to supplement donated food and provide weekly (3 nutritious dinners, 5 days of snacks and soup for approximately 35 people daily)
  • $20/week = $1040 annually provides will equip our kitchen for an entire year
  • $25/week = $1300 annually provides two week’s salary for a Social Services Worker to counsel and support our clientele full time
  • $30/week = $1560 annually provides nine months of inner city outings for our clientele to help them overcome social isolation and participate in the city
  • $35/week = $1820 annually provides a month of rent for the entire Centre space
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